Our selling guide

Find the model of your phone

Checking the phone settings

Finding the mobile phones model / capacity could be revealed quite easily if it's a functioning working phone. Simply go to your settings / options menu and scroll to the 'about phone' or 'about device' hopefully this will reveal the specifications of the phone including the model name or number.

Check the box

Although it's an obvious one, but you should be able to find some information on the box regarding the phone model and capacity. If you only find unfamiliar code with a few digits and number, this may well be the phone model, simply copy and pasting these digits on to google may well reveal the phone model.

Using your receipt

If you had placed an order online to purchase your old mobile phone than surely you may have an receipt send to your email address. A quick email search may put your mind to ease. A detailed copy of your receipt should include your phone model.

Using the manufacturers website

If all should fail a good place to start would be the manufacturer, some manufacturers have detailed webpages and 'how to' pages to find your serial, IMEI, model and the phones internal capacity memory. Many are user-friendly such as Apple having a page dedicated to all phone models. Please see the list below for some manufacturer webpages to help you.

If you are still struggling to find your phone model by all means contact us and maybe we can help!


Removing your data

Factory resetting your old phone

A factory reset will bring your phone back to it's original state, which would effectively remove all your precious data, which is why at this point it is crucial to backup your phone. A factory reset will delete all your information which include downloaded applications, contacts and pictures.

The easiest way to factory reset your mobile device would be to locate the reset settings and inputting your ID and password to start the process. Make sure that you have plenty of battery life and charger to hand if needed as the device may need anything up to 30 minutes to fully reset itself, depending on the manufacturer.

For more detailed instructions on how to factory reset your old mobile phone please click on the link provided. Factory reset my Andriod or Apple iPhone


Is My Phone Faulty

Knowing the condition of your phone

Although it may seem to a straight forward, a faulty phone could fall in to many different categories, such as a phone with a minor fault or a phone with a major fault such as having water damage. Knowing the condition of your phone prior to recycling it will save you a lot of unwanted hassle. Our website allows customers to checklist faults to ensure that we pay the highest amount possible.

A good way to determine if a phone is faulty is to quickly test it, does it phone fully function? Does it have a cracked screen? or does it turn on?

What is a working phone?

  • Turn on and off - with all buttons fully working
  • Fully functional, this includes all internal components
  • A working screen with no HUE, distorted colours, cracks, pixel damage and a working touch screen.
  • Include the battery and not missing any internal parts.
  • Not have a damaged rear glass.
  • Operational software to be fully functional.
  • All other features fully functional such as WIFI, MIC, Speakers, buttons and cameras.

What is a faulty, damaged, non-working phone?

  • A phone with a damaged cracked screen, damaged back glass and broken in general.
  • Non-functional camera, MIC, WIFI, speakers and buttons.
  • Does not turn on
  • Water damaged
  • Unfortunately we do not accept phones that have been crushed, bent and snapped.
  • Unfortunately we do not accept iCloud locked, find my phone enabled, lost / stolen and blacklisted phones

Still feel unsure? You can read more on our FAQ page


Dispatching your phone

Using our free postal service

The easiest option would be to use our free postal service which is provided by Royal Mail Tracked 48. Once you have placed an order it would usually take 1-2 working days to receive our welcome pack which contains our postal pack. Simply pop in your old mobile phone and get it sent back to us. Royal Mail Tracked 48 will cover your parcel for up to £100.

Use your own courier

If for your piece of mind you would like to use your own courier service, that is absolutely acceptable, please ensure that you include your full name, address and your order id.


Do you buy bulk or business phones

Services we offer to B2B

Having over 20 collective years in the used mobile phone market, we are experts in procuring redundant / unwanted stock. We also certify data wiping as a free service to ensure businesses we cater for adhere to their data protection policies.

To find out more please contact on how to can provide your business with fair pricing without compromising on service.