We estimate that every household in the United Kingdom has at least 1 - 4 unwanted mobile phone. Not everyone knows that there are alternative ways of trading in and recycling mobile phones that may be lost at the bottom of the drawer to be forgotten forever!

At Phone Lolly, we offer a simple solution that will benefit your wallet and help the environment. Our website guides you through determining if you have a working or faulty/broken phone. With over 500+ models that we buy, finding your phone model could not be easier.

Sell My Phone Online

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Using an online recycler is a great way to recycle your phone, although you may not get the highest cash offer for your device it is, however, a great way to sell your phone. One of the benefits it's mostly automated, and the only thing you have to do is post your device, which to some will be ideal, especially if you are leading a busy lifestyle.

Below are some Pros and cons of selling your phone online.

Positive Factors

Negative Factors

  • Mail service
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Easily Graded into categories
  • Also, buy faulty devices
  • Receive payment after sending
  • Revised offers
  • Time to sell


How Much Cash Is My Old Phone Worth?

Many factors play a role in determining the valuation of used mobile phones, the most significant factor being the working or faulty condition, and also if the phone is faulty-repairable or classed as scrap only. A big driver that helps determine the value of used phones is public demand; simply some phones are more sought after than others, sometimes this does not take into consideration is a phone is a newer model.

Top Pricing Factors

  1. Working or faulty condition
  2. How easily the phone can be repaired
  3. Demand
  4. Memory Capacity (Gigabytes)
  5. Network
  6. Availability of parts
  7. build quality of the phone

On average manufacturers unveil new phone models every year (or thereabout) deeming older phones to depreciate. Which is why we see a hike in people selling their phones just before the release of a newer model.

The great thing about selling your phone using our website is that we have varied options for you to select the right condition of your mobile phone. Making it an easy way to see how much cash we can pay for your old phone.