It's refreshing to see that Apple will be continuing the SE range, as over the years - it's always been an affordable iPhone with some pretty decent specs.

Although it's still somewhat far from the launch date, predicted to be in the first half of 2022, this is yet to be officially announced by Apple. The SE 3 is very much welcome, as the SE range has always been a hit among Apple users.


  • To be released in the first half of 2022
  • A14 Bionic Chipset
  • Apple's entry-level 5G iPhone
  • No design refresh, possibly changing the sides/bezels?

So what are the rumours about the iPhone SE 3 2022?

According to Digitimes, on 19/07/2021, Apple is set out to release the third generation iPhone SE in the first half of 2022 and succeed the 2020 model.

Regarding Ming-Chi Kao, a reliable Apple analyst has speculated that the new iPhone SE will support 5G, an appreciated upgrade, making it the cheapest 5G iPhone ever. In the past, Kao has been speculating about an SE plus version making the release well worthwhile.

It's also plastered over the internet that the latest iPhone SE will have an updated A14 Bionic chipset - this seems like the most viable outcome.

Some speculation has been brewing that the iPhone SE 2022 may be an A15 chipset planned for the iPhone 13. We feel this to be less viable. However, time can only tell.

What will be the new iPhone SE 3 Look-like?

Moto G50image of iPhone SE 2nd Generation 2020

Smartphones are getting increasingly large and have a price tag to match. The iPhone SE model has always been pocket friendly - in size and value! Being light-weight and decent looking - it's a practical smartphone.

So there's not much to report when it comes to the design, but let's be honest, the iPhone SE has always been a budget-friendly option for iPhone users, with excellent performance. It's been in Apple's limelight for innovation, but rather a budget-bestseller.

According to Kuo, the design will be similar to the 2020 model. A 4.7in screen. Often he has spoken about a Plus version, which would be most welcome!

There is some speculation that it will have the same physical home button as the 2020 model.

The display will stay the same, regardless of its 5G upgrade is disappointing as most new iPhones come with an Oled screen, which would have increase battery life slightly.

Predicted Release Date

At this moment in time, according to Digitimes the release date is somewhere in the first half of 2022.

Predicted Price Rrange

Considering the iPhone SE 2020 - it was priced on release in the UK starting at £419, we are predicting it to be thereabouts and, if an iPhone SE Plus is released, we predict it to be around £500.

To Sum It Up

In conclusion, the design will be pretty much the same as expected, looking very similar to the popular iPhone 8 model. It is looking like an internal upgrade rather than a complete overhaul.

Well, there is still a few months of speculation. We are expecting official news from Apple in mid-September. Hopefully, it will bring a lot to rest!

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